Creating Unforgettable Customer Experiences in a Pandemic

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The world economy may have slowed down, but there are other areas where business and trade continue. One of these is online sales and marketing. With more countries and cities under quarantine and lockdown measures, their only way to shop for their food and supplies is to go online and make their orders.

But even as e-commerce grows, many companies are finding digital marketing more competitive than ever. Every company is trying to find ways to make customer engagement strategies more meaningful for both parties. Whether a business is providing online services or B2B customer onboarding management systems, they recognize that a customer’s digital experience is now more valuable more than ever.

Improve Your Website’s Loading Time

People have shorter attention spans these days; the longer your web page loads, the quicker your audience would lose interest. Faster loading times increases the chance of audience engagement and sales. Optimize your images and follow best practices for your browser cache so you won’t keep people waiting.

Create Original and Interesting Content

Provide interesting content on your website that would pique and inform your target audience. Your content could help you give a better understanding of what your target market needs. Doing so would make them stay longer online, mainly for your informative and entertaining content.

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Create Exact and Clear URLs

Create URLs that would direct your clients to the exact page or piece of information they want to find. If your URLs confuse your audience, then you’re not helping your company keep them. There are URL redirection services, but your team should choose URL naming conventions that are precise and clear.

Collect Client Feedback

Sometimes, the best way to improve customer engagement is to gather feedback about their online experience. Whether they have been shopping for your products or canceling their orders or subscriptions to your services, you could learn which areas provided good customer experience and which parts of your service or website would need improvement. Make sure that your feedback page is only limited to a few questions and will not take too much time.

Simplify Web Navigation

Simplifying your site map would lessen load times but also make it easier for your audience to navigate your site. Provide direct links and simplify the layout of each webpage. Use colors that would enhance and encourage the kind of behavior you want from your online visitors.

Consider Promos and Sales

You don’t have to give free items all the time, but you could give discounts, introductory promotional rates, or even samples of any of your products. You could also give them access to apps that they can use in conjunction with your products or services.

Interaction is the key to making customer experience a valuable part of your online marketing strategy. Real-time chats, personalized customer service, useful information updates and messages, and discounts and freebies are approaches you should try. Consider the kind of services you offer, and choose an engagement strategy that will make yours a winning strategy in these times.

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