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There’s no denying that the different forms of art have a significant impact on our lives. From listening to music to pass the time, visiting museums to admire the paintings or sculptures, and browsing photobooks to relive the past, all of these have changed the way, we look at life.

As time passes by and our technology keeps improving, some people have feared that the age of art development is over. However, art is an essential part of how we function. That’s why along with the changes in technology comes the undeniable rise of a new artform—digital art.

What is Digital Art?

It’s rather challenging to pinpoint what digital art means precisely, but that’s because it keeps on improving. Generally, anything that combines art and technology is considered digital arts, but as technology keeps developing, so does the art that comes with it.

Digital art is also called the new media, and it can be divided into two categories. The first one is object-oriented artworks that refer to digital technology to produce traditional art forms such as sculptures, paintings, photographs, and many others.

On the other hand, another category of digital art is known as process-oriented visuals. This means that the artwork created through digital technology is made, stored, and distributed through the same means. More often than not, this form of new media involves the internet.

Digital Art Careers

There are countless jobs available for digital artists, especially now that the technological world is booming. The more knowledge and skills you have in this field, the more opportunities you get. That being said, below are some areas of digital arts where you can practice your skills.

digital art

Motion Design

Perhaps the most prominent career in digital arts nowadays involves motion design. This includes videography, motion graphics animation, 3D modeling, and sound design. Most jobs in motion design are incorporated into the television, film, and corporate setting. However, you may also see motion design in website development and online content creation.


The technological world is not just the only thing that’s improving, as evidenced by the constant development of buildings and houses all over the globe. This also provides digital artists with plenty of opportunities to be involved in architecture. It would be more efficient for architects, engineers, and clients to rely on 3D models in building construction. That’s why 3D architectural modeling is also an excellent option for digital artists. Furthermore, different companies are also looking for augmented reality for retailers to reimagine virtual shopping. Creating a 3D scale of their establishments would not be possible without digital artists.

Interaction Design

If you want a career specializing in the internet and new media development, you need to familiarize yourself with interaction design. Jobs in this field range from motion and sound designer to user interface and experience developer. This means that mobile applications, virtual reality, and most things you see on the internet are all under interaction design.

Visual Development

Visual development ranges from infographics to game animation. If a game needs to develop and create a character or improve its graphic design, visual developers are what they look for. Furthermore, visual development may also be used for digital marketing, so corporate companies also need them. On the other hand, you can also try freelancing by creating storyboards and illustrations.

3D Game Art

One of the most prominent forms of entertainment nowadays is gaming. That’s why games also keep on developing. If you’re into this, you can look for careers under 3D game art. This includes art directors, concept artists, character modelers, and various game developing jobs. Additionally, the opportunities can also range from computer, mobile, and console games.

Medical Animator

Surprisingly enough, digital art is currently being used in the medical industry as well. This is because to help instructors and practitioners explain a medical concept correctly, it would be significantly easier to use visual presentation. That’s only possible with digital art. As a digital artist focusing on medical animation, you can use your skills to simplify and explain the human body and how medical operations function to patients and medical students.

Legal Animator

You might be surprised to find that courtrooms now use animations to tell a story. For example, claims provided by the defendant or the prosecutor would be understood easier by the judge through visual presentations. That’s where legal animators come in. The accuracy of these animations could almost mimic the specific event that transpired.

The technological world will keep on improving as time goes by, and with it comes our need for expression and entertainment. That’s why digital art is an essential part of our culture. If you want to build a career in this form of art, make sure that you know your options.

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