A Guide on How to Maintain Proper Books of Accounts

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Bookkeeping helps in the review of a company’s income and expenses. By tracking a business’s cash inflow and outflow, company owners can be able to analyze their business’s performance. A proper analysis helps the owners to make the best decisions for their businesses. Effective recordkeeping tools such as ledgers help in the preparation of a business’s financial statements and consequently in the filing of yearly tax returns.

Utilize accounting software

Accounting software consists of computer programs that aid in the management of financial transactions. Such include Xero accounting software and QuickBooks. However, they often require trained professionals if they are to be effective. There are certified Xero accountants in Leeds that businesses may contract for their bookkeeping needs. Computerized accounting systems are preferred to manual accounting because they confer more benefits.

Such benefits include improved accounting accuracy, greater speeds, reduced overall costs, and improved filing. Accounting software reduces or eliminates human error in calculation, thereby providing accurate financial reports. Computers help in quick processing of data; therefore, computer software process accounting information at greater speeds than manual processing.

Computer software enables an accountant to do more tasks within a short time. Thus, companies may only require a small accounting team. The accounting department’s administration costs and salaries become minimized as a result. Accounting software helps to converge accounting information in one place, hence, making retrieval easy. Integrating taxation returns software to your accounting software eliminates manual tax filing.

Introduce receipts and invoices

Receipts and invoices are valuable accounting tools. They provide evidence for the sale of an item. A sales invoice is important for recordkeeping. It provides information such as the date that an item was sold, how much money was paid for it, and the outstanding debt if any. Recording and maintaining sales invoices is important for tax purposes.

Accountants should keep a good summary of all transactions of the business for easier accounting, invoices being a crucial part. Invoices also protect the business owners from fraudulent customers and unnecessary lawsuits. They provide information that acts as evidence of the delivery of goods or services. Such information includes the time of delivery, type and quantity of goods delivered, and the customer’s signature as proof of receipt of materials.

Receipts help a business to keep track of its sales and revenue. They are valuable documents that serve as evidence of sales transactions. Receipts also help in accurate accounting and audit. Besides, receipts give information on any sales discounts and allowances. Such information is used in accounting and financial reporting.


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A journal is an original book of entry where business transactions are recorded for the first time. Recording business transactions as they occur is essential for accurate record keeping. Journals provide a chronological record of business transactions. Moreover, they help to prevent and locate accounting errors because transactions are recorded based on double entry. The journal forms a basis on which transactions are posted in the ledger account. In case an accountant makes a mistake when posting transactions to ledger accounts, the journal can be used to rectify such. Journaling ensures that all transactions are recorded on a timely basis so that no transaction is unrecorded.

Efficient bookkeeping provides up-to-date financial records for your business. It makes it easier to retrieve financial information and provide it to interested parties such as investors. Moreover, missing paperwork is not good for your business. Efficient bookkeeping tools such as accounting software should be used for accurate bookkeeping.

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