New Sanctuary NYC - Press Profile

2011 Union Square Award Recipient

Judson Memorial Church
239 Thompson Street
New York, NY 10012

Media Contacts: Reverend Susan Switzer, Co-Chair
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The New Sanctuary Coalition of NYC (NSC) is a network of interfaith organizations and religious congregations working at the congregational, grass-roots level with immigrant families facing deportation, in support of reforms to create fair and humane immigration policies and practices.  By mobilizing hundreds of people in vigils, civil disobedience arrests, visits to Congress, petitions, letters, telephone campaigns, and rallies, the NSC brings attention to mass detention and deportations.

The NSC emphasizes three approaches. “Revival” aims to activate congregations by involving them in the witness and advocacy programs. “Witness” aims to show authorities and immigrants that people of faith support the rights of non-citizens to stay with their families in the U.S. “Advocacy” encourages our government to implement fair immigration policies that do not tear apart our families.

An “Accompaniment Program” helps families through the immigration process by providing support, keeping families informed at every step of the process, and holding immigration officials accountable for providing accurate information and observing due process.

The NSC has enlisted ten immigrant families as the public faces of the movement while working with dozens of others in similar situations who do not want to be public.  In partnership with legal service providers, NSC offers legal clinics for families and clergy to develop family-led comprehensive case campaigns incorporating legal representation, community support and media strategies.

The NSC and other advocates oppose the federal mass deportation program known as “Secure Communities.” Due in large part to these efforts, in 2010 Governor Cuomo suspended New York State’s participation in the program while reviewing the mounting evidence that the program is flawed. The NSC and allies are mobilizing support for suspension of “Secure Communities” nationwide.

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