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2010 Union Square Award Recipient

Media Contact: Edwin Mayorga, Core Member
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New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE) is a group of current and former public school educators and their allies committed to fighting for social justice in the school system and society-at-large by organizing and mobilizing teachers, developing curriculum, and working with community, parent, and student organizations. Participants are educators who believe that education is an integral part of social change and that social justice work must take place both inside and outside the classroom because the struggle for justice does not end when the school bell rings.

NYCoRE brings together teachers to engage in political education and activism around issues of educational justice and to support each other in the classroom. More than 200 educators attended NYCoRE’s first annual conference in 2010 to discuss challenges and opportunities in contemporary public education. Its email listserve connects 1,800 teachers who share information online and collaborate with other educator-activist groups. More than 300 teachers have participated in Inquiry to Action Groups, a network of study groups that meets for six weeks each school year, develops action plans and organizes projects and resources for use by teachers, parents and students.

NYCoRE has focused on a number of social justice issues in New York City schools including military recruitment, the school-to-prison pipeline, and high stakes testing. The NYQueer working group supports LGTBQ youth, teachers and schools in forming safe, inclusive environments that foster individual identity and self-expression. NYQUEER’s annual conference, Beyond Tolerance, is entering its fourth year. NYCoRE continues to connect social justice educators through coalition building and outreach as a member of the national Teacher Activist Group and through local political education work. NYCoRE’s teacher planning resource guide created with the Education for Liberation Network provides weekly planning pages and thought-provoking questions to spark classroom discussions.

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