New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE)

Award Recipients - 2010

Lisa Adler, Keith Catone, Daniel Jerome, Jessica Klonsky, Chris Maestro, & Ariana Mangual Figueroa, Co-Founders

New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE) is a group of current and former public school educators and their allies committed to fighting for social justice in the school system and society-at-large by organizing and mobilizing teachers, developing curriculum, and working with community, parent, and student organizations. Participants are educators who believe that education is an integral part of social change and that social justice work must take place both inside and outside the classroom because the struggle for justice does not end when the school bell rings.

NYCoRE’s Inquiry to Action Groups meet throughout New York City where participants develop action plans and resources for use by teachers, parents, and students. NYCoRE has focused on social justice issues including military recruitment and high stakes testing; and with the help of their working group, NYQueer, they provide support to youth and teachers. NYCoRE produces a range of educational materials and an annual conference.

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