American Indian Community House

Award Recipients - 1998

Diana Gubiseh-Ayala, HIV/AIDS project, care coordinator

Diana Gubiseh-Ayala has been an activist with the Native American community since the 1970s, advocating for issues concerning indigeous survival, health and education.  Currently, she is the care coordinator of the HIV/AIDS project at the American Indian Community House (AICH) – the only program in New York City that serves Native american people living with HIV/AIDS and their families.  
Ms. Gubiseh-Ayala began working with HIV/AIDS project in 1992.  She went directly to speak with people in homeless shelters, food pantries, test sites, subways, parks and street corners throughout New York City.  She organized informational tables at Native American events, cultural activites and powwows.  In 1994, she initiated the Native American Health Focus Groups to discuss issues such as nutrition, birth control, child rearing, breast and cervical cancer, domestic violence and other topics.  The monthly meetings attract up to 30 women and have now become an important and regular part of AICH programming.
Since its inception, the HIV/AIDS project has provided information, education and case management services to thousands of people and has directly served hundreds of Native Americans and their families infected with and affected by HIV.

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