The Point

Award Recipients - 1998

Paul Lipson, Mildred Ruiz, Steven Sapp and Maria Torres, Cofounders


Paul Lipson, Mildred Ruiz, Steven Sapp and Maria Torres united around the belief that economically neglected communities can be revitalized by utilizing community resources and be engaging residents in the process of development.  In 1994, they located an abandoned warehouse in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx and transformed it into a vibrant arts and economic development center that is a model for how individual initiative community collaboration and business partnerships can help rebuild a community.  The Point is a nonprofit community development corporation dedicated to youth, economic and cultural development, with the long range goal to revitalize the Hunts Point community by drawing on its cultural resources and entrepreneurial spirit.  
The Point’s artistic center is a 220-seat theater for local talent and neighborhood events.  Economic development initiatives recruit local residents, provide financial information and make available a 4,000square-foot business incubator for short-term leases.  Other projects offer services to young adults seeking employment and internships in the arts and in growing industries such as media production and website design.  An Internet Center is open for community use, and a photography-training center helps young people lunch photography careers.  The Point joins local merchants, residents, property owners and others as partners in community organizing initiative that restore economic vibrancy to the area.

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