Casa Atabex Ache

Award Recipients - 1999

Esperanza Matrell, Emily Llopez, Haydee Morales, Marta Morales, Co-Founders

Casa Atabex Ache (Casa) is a grassroots organization created to meet the health and empowerment needs of women in the Mott Haven community of the Bronx.  Founded in 1994 by Esperanza Matrell, Emily Llopez, Haydee Morales, Marta Morales, Casa’s commitment is to cultivate the innate power of healing, transformation and action found in women and girls of color so as to strengthen and improve their lives, families and communities.  
Casa’s services embrace a wide variety of women’s needs.  Entre Mujeres/Between Women programs focus on mother/sister/daughter relationships, male/female interaction, rape and domestic violence, sexual behavior and health care.  SisterSong is dedicated to raising awareness about reproductive-tract infections and building grassroots advocacy.  Fuerza/Power, a peer group program, offers young women up to 18 years old an opportunity to learn about reproductive health care, social issues and leadership.  Through educational programs, counseling and referrals, Casa Atabex Ache develops women as community leaders by addressing their needs in a safe, culturally centered space.

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