Community Food Resource Center

Award Recipients - 1999

Kathy Goldman, Founder

Kathy Goldman is long-time community activist who has helped initiate innovative food programs such as school breakfast and summer meals in New York City since the 1960’s.  In 1980, she founded the Community Food Resource Center (CFRC) to focus attention on the issue of hunger and expand access to nutritious, affordable food for all.  
CFRC is an effective advocate, a source of reliable data and an incubator for important pilot programs.  In 1983, it helped create Food for Survival, one of the largest food banks in the United States.  The next year, it set up the Community Kitchen of West Harlem, which serves 500 dinners each weekday evening and, with the assistance of neighborhood teenagers, delivers meals to homebound elderly persons in the area.  CFRC has initiated other programs such as senior dinners at public schools and school nutrition committees, which work with parents and school personnel.  CFRC also runs an entitlements clinic that helps families retain their apartments and access food stamps and other supports.  The clinic also regularly conducts workshops for other serving the low income population.  In addition, CFRC monitors proposed legislation that affects the interests of the poor and hungry in New York City.

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