The Brotherhood/SisterSol

Award Recipients - 2000

Khary Lazarre-White, Jason Warwin, Susan Wilcox, Co-Directors

Khary Lazarre-White and Jason Warwin established The Brotherhood in 1995 in New York City to provide supportive programs for Black and Latino young men.  They sought to create a safe space where young men could openly share ideas and experiences.  In 1998, Susan Wilcox joined them as co-director to create a program for young Black and Latino women- SisterSol – and to help lead the organization.  The Brotherhood/SisterSol represents a unified commitment to helping youth develop into empowered critical thinkers and leaders.  
The Brotherhood/SisterSol reaches youth throughout New York City.  The Development Program works directly with youth in public schools.  Each school chapter defines its goals and mission statement, membership guidelines and definitions for brotherhood, sisterhood and leadership.  Each participant sets out written goals that he/she expects to live by.  The After-School Program provides academic and skills building activities in a safe environment.  In the Community Outreach Program, young people learn about community service and do internships.  The Sumer Leadership program offers study in Africa and Latin America.  In the Liberation Program, young activists analyze the source of oppression within communities, study ways to achieve positive change, and engage in youth-led campaigns. Through these experiences, youth discover the power of brotherhood and sisterhood for transforming self and community.

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