Exodus Transitional Community, Inc.

Award Recipients - 2001

Julio Medina, Founder and Director

Julio Medina established Exodus Transitional Community, Inc., (Exodus) in 1999 to assist formerly incarcerated men and women as they integrate back into the community.  Located in East Harlem, the organization offers social, economic, educational and spiritual support to individuals in transition from incarceration, drug addiction, and homelessness.  Exodus’ approach is based on a “contract,” an assessment tool and action plan, by which participants evaluate their status in areas of family, physical well being, education/vocation, technology knowledge, and community involvement.  The self-evaluation is the basis for formulating goals and plans and encouraging each individual to take back control of his or her life.  The Exodus staff consists of ex-offenders or individuals directly affected by incarceration and/or HIV/AIDS in their immediate families. 
Exodus’ services include counseling, employment preparation, job, housing, health and education referrals, court and parole assistance, and computer training.  Exodus also provides HIV/AIDS education and referrals for the person released from prison and his or her partners, spouses, friends and families.  Other activities include an after school group with neighborhood youth and gang members and a speakers’ bureau of formerly incarcerated persons who make presentations to raise public awareness about prison conditions and the impact of incarceration on individuals and communities.

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