Griot Circle

Award Recipients - 2001

Regina Shavers, Founder

Regina Shavers founded the GRIOT Circle, “an intergenerational and culturally diverse community-based social service organization responsive to the realities of older lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, two-spirit and transgender people (LGBTST) of all colors.”  The goal is to maintain a safe space for elders, provide emotional support and quality programming  which affirms age, gender, racial, spiritual and ethnic origins for the over 50 LGBTST community in Brooklyn.  GRIOT Circle provides educational and informational forums, referrals to social service providers, health and fitness programs, spiritual wellness, computer training, a friendly visitors program and social outreach.  Volunteer embers make reassurance telephone calls and visits to homebound, sick or hospitalized persons.  
GRIOT Circle has joined with the Senior Pride Network and SAGE to hire a social worker to provide services to all member groups.  The social worker is exclusively available to the GRIOT Circle members two days per week.  The organization has also joined with others to advocate for lower prices on prescription drugs, minimum-staffing ratios in nursing homes, and expanded senior citizen rent increase exemptions.  GRIOT Circle is a member of the New York Association of HIV Over Fifty who groups collectively address the impact of the epidemic on the elder community.

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