Parent Action Committee

Award Recipients - 2001

Cynthia Cummings, Nilda Louisa, Maria Santana, Founding Members

The Parent Action Committee, (PAC), is a group of parents and community members dedicated to improving the public education afforded the children of District 9 in the Bronx.  The district includes 36 schools and has a reputation as one of the most poorly performing in the city.  PAC accomplises its goals through research, leadership development, “’know the rights” workshops, community forums and demonstrations.  PAC’s organizing model seeks to build community power and make officials accountable for their policies.  The organization is housed at and supported by the New Settlement Apartments (NSA), a group that manages 900 units of Bronx housing.
At a local school, PAC parents seek reforms to build the capacity of the principal and teachers through implementation of a buddy system with a high performing school to support good practices.  PAC also seeks a school review by outside educators and local parents to evaluate the school and make recommendations.  On a district wide basis, PAC had joined with community organizations to demand that the superintendent declare a state of emergency and adopt a plan including teacher training, safer schools, and community school review.  More than 1,700 district residents have signed a petition of support.

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