SMART- Sisterhood Mobilized for AIDS/HIV Research and Treatment

Award Recipients - 2001

Susan Rodriguez, Petra Berrios, Co-Founders

Sisterhood Mobilized for AIDS/HIV Research and Treatment (SMART) was launched in 1997 to bring treatment information to women impacted by HIV/AIDS.  SMART provides an accessible and supportive learning environment giving the women the opportunity to gain valuable treatment information, to become part of their health care decision making process, and to share coping strategies with each other and other people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH/A).  SMART provides treatment information for parents and caregivers of children living with HIV/AIDS and has also raised awareness about the global AIDS epidemic in developing countries.  Currently, SMART is developing a Literacy/GED program for PLWH/A and is initiating a prevention campaign.     
SMART began in East Harlem in 1998, and since 2000, classes and workshops take place at a West Harlem area clinic that serves families living with HIV/AIDS.  Women, occasionally joined by men who are permitted to attend, participate in weekly classes to receive quality treatment education and information about the mental, physical, social, legal and political issues pertaining to PLWH/A.  Sessions cover topics such as breast cancer, GYN care, and domestic violence in addition to HIV issues and concerns.  Prominent health care providers, activist and professionals in related fields instruct classes on a volunteer basis.

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