Dominicans 2000 / Pre-University Program

Award Recipients - 2002

Alexandra Soriano-Taveras. Johanny Garcia, Julissa Reynoso, Ydanis Rodriguez & Hypatia Zoquier, Co-Founders

The Pre-University Program of Dominicans 2000 (Pre-U) was established in 1996 to ensure “the educational and professional success of new immigrant youth and to foster attitudes of civic responsibility and peer support.”  Pre-U is dedicated to enabling youth to fully operate and compete in the New York City environment while celebrating and maintaining a link to their homeland.”  The program targets Latino/a youth and seeks to maximize learning and leadership opportunities for participating students through a combination of academics, athletics and creative arts.  
Pre-U is a Saturday youth programs held at the City College of New York consisting of English Language enrichment, academic tutoring, athletics, and creative arts.  Participants are expected to improve and maintain good schools grades and develop a sense of community responsibility in order to remain in the program.  The English language component emphasizes reading, writing and oral communication skills.  Academic tutoring focuses on math, science, and social studies, and prepares students for New York City standardized test and the college entrance exam.  Pre-U also has Athletics and Creative Arts activities including a theater program, dance instruction, and exposure to the visual arts.  Additionally 12 to 15 youths participate in leadership development seminars, directed research and present the results at an annual conference.  Pre-U provides an annual orientation for parents including workshops on topics such as the public education system in New York City and current events affecting the community.

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