International Youth Leadership Institute

Award Recipients - 2002

Michael Webb, Founder

The International Youth Leadership Institute (IYLI) was established in 1989 to prepare African American and Latino/a youth from low-income neighborhoods to assume leadership roles in an increasingly global society.  Through seminars, community service, overseas travel and study, IYLI expands the knowledge of young people about social, economic, and political issues that affect their daily lives, cultivates a commitment to community service, promotes awareness f international careers and emphasizes the value of studying languages other than English.  
IYLI fellows participate in seminars held on Saturdays to examine local social and political issues within a global context.  They also work in community organizations to put the knowledge gained in seminars and international travel to use in local organizing efforts.  Overseas travel and study provides students opportunities to conduct in-depth investigation of global issues in another country, develop foreign language skills, and engage in community ethnographic projects to build research and team skills.  The Winter Institute is a Spanish Language immersion program that has been conducted in Cuba, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.  The Summer Fellowship is a program that enables students to travel to Africa.  These programs are held in conjunction with as university in the host country and include seminars on local history, geography, social and economic development, briefings by government and non-governmental agencies and visits to cultural sites.  Programs have been conducted in Ghana, Senegal/Gambia, Egypt, Spain/Morocco, South Africa, Israel and Turkey.

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