Skyscraper Safety Campaign

Award Recipients - 2002

Catherine Sally Regenhard, Founder

The Skyscraper Safety Campaign, (SSC), is a project of parents and relatives of lost loved once in the September 11th attack at the World Trade Center.  While condemning the terrorists’ attack, the campaign is dedicated to finding out why and how the WTC collapsed, to ensuring the quality, safety and security are priorities in rebuilding lower Manhattan and to reforming New York City building codes, SSC represents several hundred family members of firefighters and other victims who since October 2001 have pressed for an independent federal investigation to examine the interrelated events that lead to the WTC disaster, identify failures that were preventable, and make specific recommendations for the improved building code, regulations and procedures.  
On September 11th, Christian Regenhard, a 28-year old firefighter was killed in the rescue effort at the WTC.  His mother, Sally Regenhard, began asking questions convinced that tower construction and fire safety had been inadequate.  Unable to get answer from the agencies involved, she began uniting widows and parents to form the Skyscraper Safety Campaign and reached out to fire engineering experts.  At a press conference at City Hall, she presented a petition signed by relatives of WTC victims and firefighters calling for “an independent federal panel to study the building construction, the integrity of the materials used and all the conditions that combined to cause the tragedy.”  SSC also organized delegations to congressional hearings in Washington D.C. In June 2002, a federal investigation was launched to examine weaknesses in the WTC, evaluate fire-prevention systems and fire department response.

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