Art for Change, Inc.

Award Recipients - 2003

Eliana Godoy Laguna, Founder & President

Lori A. Noll, Executive Director

Art for Change, Inc.  (AfC) is an organization dedicated to building cultural awareness and providing programs to empower artists and residents of low-income communities.  AfC utilizes “art programs and performances to challenge existing social boundaries, inspiring reflection, discussion, collaboration and change.” AfC programs promote cross-cultural understanding, artistic development, community service and range from art exhibits and cultural events to organizing women’s support groups and conferences on diversity and racism.  

Founded in 1998, AfC offers ongoing programs at Carlito’s Café y Galeria in East Harlem.  They include English-as-a-Second-Language classes, Women of Café con Leche anti-violence campaign and video project, Youth Café con Leche’s public art campaign, art exhibitions, artist workshops, theater classes for children, film screenings, music, theatre, poetry performances and book presentations that enhance cultural interaction.  AfC is also an artists’ network providing resources and information.  Programs emphasize discussion and collaboration among individuals of diverse backgrounds.  AfC’s gallery program, “Art Belongs to Everyone,” exhibits the work of artists dedicated to using art as a tool for social change.  AfC collaborates of New York City, organizing conferences to share views on issues such as diversity and other related barriers.  The main purpose of AfC is to use art to build a better society.

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