Philippine Forum

Award Recipients - 2003

Robert Roy & Julia Camagong, Co-Executive Directors

Philippine Forum is a multi-issue organization based in New York City that organizes and mobilizes Filipinos for economic, social and racial equality and seeks to deepen understanding of Filipino Diaspora and the Philippines.  Established in 1996, its volunteer members are youth, women, professionals and cultural activists who engage in mass campaigns, political action and cultural events “to advocate for basic structural changes in the world order that will allow Philippines to gain economic self-sufficiency and free the Filipino people from poverty.”  The Philippine Forum brings together various sectors with interconnected strategies that encourage community building.  

The Philippine Forum organizes domestic and other low-wage workers through the Filipino Workers’ Center and Filipino youth through the Youth Initiative for Social Action (YISA).  The Workers’ Center organizes and mobilizes low-wage workers in direct action and advocacy work related to social justice issues.  Currently, its major organizing campaign, “End Domestic Slavery and Human Trafficking,” promotes public awareness about workplace exploitation, civil and human rights violations and “challenges the exploitative practices of employment agencies and employers.”  YISA offers training on organizing and community outreach, Philippines history and the arts.  A monthly forum brings together youth leaders from Filipino student organizations throughout the metropolitan area.  The Philippine Forum also administers a summer study abroad program in partnership with the University of the Philippines.

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