Africans in America

Award Recipients - 2004

Bonaventure Ezekwenna, Founder

Africans in America, Inc. (AIA) provides direct social services, self-empowerment and community awareness to economically disadvantaged African communities in New York.  Its purpose is to end the abuse of victims of human trafficking from Africa into the United States.  Trafficking victims are primarily disadvantaged women and young girls geld to purposes of household work, forced prostitution, sex tourism, sweatshop labor and criminal activities.  They are reluctant to discuss their situation fearing for their safety, the safety of their families, and deportation.

AIA's goals are to provide trafficking victims with a support system, to familiarize them with their rights under the Victims of Trafficking Violence Protection Act of 2000, and to raise general public awareness.  Each person approaching the organization is handled individually and provided with counseling translation services and assistance with connecting with loved ones in Africa as well as referrals for immigration assistance, housing, health care, education, childcare and job placement.  Critical to AIA's mission is building public awareness about trafficking and slavery as persistent problems throughout the world and in the United States.  Through it website, the organization disseminates information with the objective of promoting policies that remedy the problem and bring support to victims.

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