Housing Matters

Award Recipients - 2004

Phillip Hogan, Founder

Housing Matters of New York (HMNY) is a non-profit, community based, transitional supportive male-only housing facility for formerly incarcerated substance abusers who may also be living with HIV or AIDS.  It provides stable housing and case management services to help residents access social services that support their sobriety and teach them daily living skills needed to re-enter life in their homes and communities.  Through a comprehensive approach HMNY assists in the transformation of men by instilling self-sufficiency skills needed to return them to their vacated leadership roles in their families, communities and place of employment.

In 2000, Phillip Hogan purchased a two-family building in Brooklyn and created a drug free residence for formerly incarcerated men.  Its focus is on reintegration with family and loved ones, finding or forming a supportive group, and meeting vocational and educational goals.  At any one time, 10 to 14 men from 28 to 55 years old live in the house and receive on-site counseling and a customized plan that includes referrals to programs for substance dependency, medical and mental health treatment, job readiness, vocational and educational training.  As part of ongoing outreach efforts, residents visit men at Riker’s island and Queensboro Correctional Facility on a bi-weekly basis.

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