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Mixteca Organization

Award Recipients - 2004

Dr. Gabriel Rinzon, Founder

Mixteca Organization, Inc.  (Mixteca) is dedicated to serving the Mexican immigrant population in new York City who come primarily from the rural areas of the Mixteca region in Mexico, which includes parts of the states of Oaxaca, Puebla, and Guerrero.  Mixteca aims ìto empower the community and provide access to services that enhance immigrants’ quality of life and allows them to reach sustainable social and economic development.î  Mixteca provides educational and health services, and engages in fundraising efforts for projects in Mexico.

Mixteca began by providing HIV/AIDS prevention education to the Mexican immigrant community and opened a storefront office in Brooklyn in 2002.  The organization is certified by the Department of Health to do testing and counseling and also provides undocumented immigrants with access to low-cost health services through an arrangement with a Brooklyn hospital.  Mixteca also helps obtain health insurance for children and has provided access to ophthalmic services.

Mixteca conducts Mexican history classes and culture and educational workshops.  It is developing a distance learning community center t offer virtual and online certificate courses taught in Spanish.  Mixteca also helps community-based projects in Mexico to build roads and provide drinkable water by providing fundraising and technical assistance.


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