Women's HIV Collaborative of New York

Award Recipients - 2004

Lillian Theimann, Hilda Melore, Kimberleigh Smith & M. Saidia McLaughlin


The Women’s HIV Collaborative of New York (The Collaborative) gives voice to issues of importance to women who are at risk of HIV and to those who are infected or affected with HIV/AIDS.  Women are the fastest growing group becoming HIV infected and, in New York City, it is estimated that woman will account for 50% of all AIDS cases by 2010.  The Collaborative serves as a model by developing strategies to eliminate disparities in prevention, education and training, care and treatment, service delivery, support and social services, research, funding, policy and advocacy.  Members are women and diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations and statuses, and include representatives from over twenty-five participating HIV/AIDS and other organizations.

The Collaborative emerged in 2000 when more than forty non-profit service providers and advocates for women’s health came together to create a sustainable and board-based advocacy network.  To accomplish their goals, they established workgroups in different areas.  The Research and Treatment workgroup defines the treatment needs of HIV-positive women and support female-specific research and clinical trails.  The Policy Committee supports coalitions and related mechanism for sustainable advocacy.  The Service and Education workgroup makes recommendations about service and care delivery and develops resource materials.

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