Jews for Racial and Economic Justice

Award Recipients - 2005

Melanie Kaye Kranowitz & Esther Kaplan, Founding Staff

Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ) is a membership organization founded in 1990 to fill the need for progressive Jewish leadership in confronting racial and ethnic tension and economic disparity in New York City.  Through community organizing, political education, creative action and media advocacy, JFREJ works to end all forms of hatred and oppression and provides a unique opportunity for many Jews in the city to build a Jewish identity with justice at its core.  It has been successfully mobilized Jewish support for enforcement of labor laws, equitable funding of public schools and an end to police brutality.

JFREJ is organized to gain legal recognition of domestic workers with living wages and benefits and connecting the history of Jews as domestic workers, the long-term Jewish commitment to justice workers, and the rights of domestic workers today.î  It is also fighting the erosion of civil liberties since September 11th particularly in the city are immigrants, and JFREJ is partnering with organizations representing Ethiopian, Persian, Russian and Yemeni Jewish populations to support and build their organizing efforts.  Other projects include an intergenerational study group on Jewish history and culture; a weekly radio show; and workshops and training materials to fight racism and anti-Semitism.

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