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Mentoring in Medicine

Award Recipients - 2007

Dr. Lynn Holden, Dr. Yvette Calderon & Dr. Jocelyn Freemna-Garrick, Co-Founders

Mentoring in Medicine (MIM) is building diversity in the health profession by working with currently underrepresented people of color communities.  African-Americans, Latino and Native American youth from low-income communities face significant health literacy, social and academic barriers in pursuing health careers, and MIM collaborates with educational institutions, community and organizations and churches to provide leadership development and other opportunities.

Based in the Bronx and Harlem, MIM volunteers recruit and nurture students starting as early as the third grade and through medical school.  Programs emphasize academics appealing to various learning styles, life and social skills.  MIM introduces students to professionals of colors and teaches about the contributions of people of color to the medical field.  Currently, MIM runs a hospital emergency department clinical exposure and mentoring program, leadership development seminars, and educational workshops, after-school programs, and an annual dinner with doctors.

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