Queens Congregations United for Action (QCUA)

Award Recipients - 2007

Pastor Bruce Ferguson & Reverend Dr. Lancelot Waldron, Co-Founders

Queens Congregations United for Action (QCUA) is building a faith-based organization that empowers and unites the community to achieve social justice through organizing.  Located in northwestern Queens, QCUA’s constituency consists of congregation members and public school parents, primarily Central and South American, Caribbean and West Indian immigrants and African Americans.  The organization trains leaders, identifies common concerns, researches causes and organizes to implement solutions.  It is afflicted with the PICO National Network, which supports and trains community organizing groups across the United States.

QCUA unites people around common values and goals and taken action to support community needs.  Bi-monthly luncheons bring clergy together, encourage fellowship, and offer briefings on key issues.  Since its inception, QCUA has focused on safety, housing, and education issues, worked collaboratively with other organizations, and created venues and activities holding public and elected officials accountable to the community.


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