New York State Youth Leadership Council

Award Recipients - 2008

Walter Barrientos, Cristina Jimenez, Marisol Ramos, Jose Luis Zacatelco, Jaqueline Cinto, Kiran Savage-Sangwan & Jennifer Carino, Co-Founding Members

The New York State Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is a network of young advocates representing high schools, colleges, communities of faith and community-based organizations promoting advancement of immigrant youth through leadership development, organizing and advocacy. This youth-led volunteer organization brings the concerns of immigrant youth to the forefront.

YLC runs educational programs for the benefit of immigrant youth, parents and educators. Volunteers conduct workshops detailing educational opportunities for immigrant students that guide youth and parents though the college application process, highlight potential barriers to higher education that immigrant students may face, and provide information on resources such as scholarships and financial aid. Programs for educators provide a survey of current immigration laws and regulations. Other programs encourage youth participation in shaping public policies that affect their lives. YLC also participates in national strategy sessions on comprehensive immigration reform.

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