Bed Stuy's Project Re-Generation, Inc. (PR-G)

Award Recipients - 2006

Barnabas Shakur, Founder


Bed Stuy’s Project Re-Generation’s (PR-G) is dedicating to providing young adults “with educational programs and volunteer experiences while seeking to build a community where residents can be proud to reside. “

It’s “Rites of Passage” program focuses on personal growth, community service and work ethic.  Meeting twenty-two weeks after school and on weekends, young people participate in a rigorous curriculum consisting of educational workshops, community projects, physical activity and behaviors include group trips, fraternity-like hand signs, and open communication.”  Participants are motivated by camaraderie, the opportunity for new experiences, and the desire for a brighter future.

PR-G’s “Foot Soldiers” program seeks to beautify the community, provide youth with employment opportunities, and earns revenues for PR-G’s educational programs.  Recognizing that employment is one of the best strategies to encourage young people to make positive transitions into adulthood, PR-G’s unique membership agreement with home and small business owners provides work for teenagers who either live or attend school in Bed-Stuy.  It employs 300 to 600 young people annually who earn a modest income regularly moving rubbish, leaves, and snow from sidewalks, curbs, gutters of member’s properties.

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