CRER: Cultural Renaissance for Economic Revitalization

Award Recipients - 2006

Awilda Velez, Founder

Cultural Renaissance for Economic Revitalization (CRER) promotes economic literacy.  Based on the belief that economic growth for low-income populations can be achieved when communities work collectively to level economic disparities, CRER collaborates with community organizations, private corporations and government agencies to bring about social and economic change.  It offers counseling services, small business assistance, and financial literacy workshops.

Beginning as a pilot program in 2004 at three New York City correctional facilities -Bayview, Edgecombe and Fulton- this economic literacy program was the first of its kind in prisons.  CRER continues to serve the prison population by providing financial literacy workshops and one-on-one counseling about “the importance of basic banking, good credit and asset-building skills that lead to self-sufficiency.”  Informational sessions educate and bring resources to men and women who are researching the re-entry process and, in doing so, help them integrate back into small businesses through its partnership with Trickle-Up, an international non-profit organization.

CRER is a participant in the Unlock the Block Campaign that aims to educate about felon disenfranchisement issues and to register formerly incarcerated persons and their families to vote.


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