SABA: The Association of Yemeni-Americans

Award Recipients - 2006

Abdul Salam Mubarez, Kaleb Alamarie, Debbie Almontaser & Fouad Althaibani, Co-Founders

SABA assists in integrating community members into United States society.  Established in 2005, SABA offers educational and cultural programs, increases public awareness about Yemeni community and promotes intercultural understanding.  Through English-as-a-Second-Language classes, youth activities and referrals, and cultural workshops, SABA provides Yemenis with tools necessary for personal, professional, and social advancement.  Through leadership and career development opportunities, the organization encourages women’s active participation.

Operating out of a Brooklyn storefront, SABA offers educational programs at all levels.  An after-school program provides children with homework assistance, tutoring, and Arabic language studies.  Open to all community residents, adult English-as-a-Second-Language classes attract many Yemeni women, especially homemakers and others who have never received formal schooling.  Students who complete the English classes are then prepared for the U.S citizenship exam.  SABA also provides preventive health workshops and offer referrals to a network of Arabic speaking professionals for healthcare services and legal support.

SABA is committed to the preservation of Yemeni culture and heritage.  In 2005, it sponsored the first Arab-American Heritage Week to increase awareness of the contributions made by Arab Americans to New York City.  SABA’s Yemeni American Dance Troupe regularly performs traditional folk dances at public events.




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