United Sikhs in Service of America

Award Recipients - 2006

Hardayal Singh & Mankanwal Singh, Founding Members


United Sikhs (US) aims to empower and invigorate immigrant communities by providing resources to enable them to become informed and respected members of society.  Recognizing the prejudice and isolation encountered by immigrants, US provides social, educational and health-related services to help them overcome cultural and language barriers and adapt to life in the United States.  From the community center in Richmond Hill, Queens, US works to combat racial and economic injustices in the workplace, at school, and on the streets by providing civic, educational, and personal development and fostering active participation in social and economic activity.

US’ services include preventive health workshops and screenings, English-as-a-Second language and introductory computer classes for adults, and tutoring and several college prep courses for students.  Since the attacks of September 11th, US’ work include building public awareness about the SIKH history and culture through educational activities and cross-cultural exchanges as well as legal challenges to the denial of Sikhs’ right to wear articles of faith in schools, workplaces, prisons and other public spaces.  US supports Sikh victims of race-based and hate crimes and provides the community with referrals to legal service and free workshops on discrimination and immigration, among other issues.

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