Washington Heights CORNER Project

Award Recipients - 2009

Jamie Favaro, Founder & Executive Director

Washington Heights CORNER Project (Community Outreach and Resources, Needle Exchange and Harm Reduction) is the first New York State licensed program of its kind in Washington Heights. WHCP aims to reduce transmission of disease and infections and to combat feelings of powerlessness and fatalism among the drug using community by affecting their ability to make positive changes in their personal health and social circumstances.

WHCP reaches out to individuals who are HIV and/or HCV (Hepatitis C Virus) infected or at high risk, especially the homeless and those not receiving any medical or mental health care. An experienced outreach team uses culturally competent and linguistically appropriate engagement to build trust and relationships. Peer educators reach at-risk individuals in ways that traditional methods do not to provide syringe exchange services and referrals. WHCP also trains friends and family of those at risk for an overdose on how to save a life while waiting for professional emergency responders.

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