Cidadão Global

Award Recipients - 2009

Ramona Ortega, Founder & Executive Director

Cidadão Global (CG) is the first Brazilian community-based organization in New York City. Located in Astoria, Queens, CG is a membership and advocacy organization dedicated to working collectively with Brazilian immigrants and the larger immigrant community to advance human rights. CG engages in political mobilization, community education, leadership development and organizing for progressive social change. Current estimates put the Brazilian population in the New York metropolitan area between 100,000 to 300,000.

CG’s goal is to develop leadership, enhance access to government, and ensure participation in civic life. It provides training, political education, mentorship and direct organizing opportunities as well as know-your-rights education, trainings on immigration basics, referrals, legal advocacy and translation. CG’s project, Coisa de Mulher, organizes Brazilian domestic workers to realize their rights and secure economic independence. The project aims to establish a domestic workers’ cooperative as a means to create economic opportunity through a social venture.

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