The Union Square Awards collaborates with many organizations and individuals in its mission to advance social justice and joins with other philanthropic organizations to share information about the field, discuss best practices, pool resources and strengthen joint programs.

As a member of the New York City Capacity Building Collaborative, the Union Square Awards has partnered with other foundations to design, plan, and implement a range of technical assistance programs that strengthen the capacity of our shared grantees.

In 2010, the Union Square Awards participated in the formation of the Social Justice Artists' Collaborative (SJAC), a New York City based collective of artists, practitioners, and funders. SJAC continues to come together with the express purpose of creating a network to address the serious realities and challenges that face arts organizations and low-income communities.

The Union Square Awards is a project of the Tides Center, a member of the Tides family of organizations. Its mission is to actively promote change toward a healthy society-one founded on principles of social justice, equal economic opportunity, a robust democratic process and environmental sustainability.

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