Social Justice Award

The Union Square Award is a signifier of exceptional work and demonstrated commitment. Recipients have distinguished themselves locally and nationally, changed public policies, litigated landmark cases, created innovative models of service and built important community institutions. Award recipients are visionaries responding to society’s most pressing social, political and economic issues. Motivated by a passion for human rights awardees join with others to address concerns and build organizations that bring diverse communities into public discourse. Specifically, the Union Square Award supports work in the following areas:

  • Homelessness and Hunger
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention, Education, and Treatment
  • Family and Community Development
  • Youth Leadership and Organizing
  • Economic Self-Sufficiency
  • Conflict Resolution

The Union Square Award identifies emerging organizations that have not yet received substantial funding and public recognition. It consists of a general operating support grant of $50,000, comprehensive technical assistance, and the opportunity to apply for regrants to help build long-term organizational sustainability and community engagement.

187 organizations have received the Union Square Award

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