Artistic Noise

Arts Recipients - 2011

Lauren Adelman, New York Director

Artistic Noise was launched in Boston and established a New York City chapter in 2008 in partnership with The Children’s Aid Society’s LINC program for youth coming out of juvenile detention centers. Since then Artistic Noise has built partnerships offering arts programs and services both inside and outside of juvenile detention facilities. The bridge between detention and community provides continuity for young people experiencing tremendous upheaval in their lives. Participants are 13 to 18 year olds detained in the juvenile justice system and young people, 14 to 21years old, transitioning back into their communities.

Artistic Noise’s intensive studio art and curatorial entrepreneurship programs emphasize technical skills, but the main impetus is to allow for safe, effective, and meaningful communication of life experiences through visual language and building of community connections. Using varied artistic mediums, the students reflect on their experiences and express their unique perspective about themselves and their communities.


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