Haiti Cultural Exchange

Arts Recipients - 2010

Haiti Cultural Exchange (HCX) was established to develop, present and promote the cultural expressions of the Haitian people. The organization seeks to raise awareness of social issues and foster cultural understanding and appreciation through programs in the arts, education, and public affairs.

HCX highlights the creativity and imagination of Haitians and Haitian-Americans, sparks an interest in Haiti, connects youth to their heritage, and serves as a catalyst for the emergence of new ideas. Programs and services seek to support emerging and established artists, promote cross-cultural exchanges, preserve cultural heritage, and encourage dialogue about contemporary social issues. HCX presents innovative programs including art exhibits, performances, and public forums. Through ongoing youth development programs, the organization engages children and young adults in an exploration of Haitian culture and fosters a greater sense of pride.  Artist development services provide resources and opportunities to artists working in the community.

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