Maysles Institute

Arts Recipients - 2010

Maysles Institute (the Institute) is committed to “using film to intervene in the lives of those excluded from the making process by providing training and apprenticeship and by projects filming groups without a voice.”  The Institute integrates documentary film screenings and educational programs that emphasize stories and issues not present in mainstream media.

Located in Harlem, the 75-seat cinema opened its doors in 2008 and provides a unique space for passionate and interactive exploration of topics of community interest. Breaking down the wall of disengagement found in the traditional film-going experience, its presentations and series explode with life, reckoning, and celebration that build meaningful social exchange and discussions.

The Institute also offers ongoing educational programming for young people as well as adults from the Harlem, Northern Manhattan, and South Bronx communities. The emphasis is on community storytelling as well as teaching filmmaking tools and techniques.

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