Pachamama Peruvian Arts

Arts Recipients - 2010

Pachamama Peruvian Arts (PPA) is a community program committed to strengthening the practice of traditional Peruvian music and dance. PPA promotes cultural interchange and mutual understanding to empower Peruvians with pride through youth education, workshops, and collaborative presentations throughout New York City. PPA was launched in 2004 in response to a concern that young Peruvians in the United States were losing their connection to their cultural heritage.

PPA’s main program is based at a public school in Queens. PPA offers free classes to children, 6 to 17 years old, encouraging them to succeed musically, academically, and personally. Students are taught traditional dances, instruments and songs from different regions and learn about the social and historical context of Peru’s rich artistic forms. Programs hone students’ skills in team building, goal setting, and positive peer-to-peer interactions. Participants culminate each semester with a student concert and refine their skills in summer classes.

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