The Laundromat Project

Arts Recipients - 2008


Believing that tools of self-determination lie within creative practices, The Laundromat Project (The LP) uses the space of local coin-ops to provide communities of color living on modest incomes with access to visual art as a tool of personal and social transformation. Through programs focused on visual literacy, art making and exhibition, The LP raises awareness about art and socio-political issues affecting low-income communities.

The “Create Change” program supports artists at the grassroots level to mount public art projects in neighborhood laundromats throughout Harlem and Brooklyn. Past projects such as a multimedia installation, mosaic bench, documentary screening, large sculpture, and small hand-made books have reached hundreds of adults and young people in innovative and interesting ways.

The LP’s long range goal is to create an art center attached to a functioning coin-op as a physical space to bring art into everyday lives where boundaries between artist and resident are blurred.


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