Mano A Mano: Mexican Culture without Borders

Arts Recipients - 2008


Mano a Mano: Mexican Culture Without Borders is dedicated to celebrating Mexican culture in the United States and promoting understanding of Mexican traditions among immigrants, artists, educators and the general public. It facilitates the involvement of immigrants and their families in the life of New York City.

Mano a Mano organizes annual events that recreate traditional Mexican celebrations and may cover entire neighborhoods and extend over several days. These events give Mexicans a true taste of home while providing non-Mexicans with an understanding of Mexican traditions. Presentations include Día de los Muertos/Day of the Dead where families gather to welcome home the souls of their deceased members, Posadas y Pastorelas during Christmas, and presentations for Immigrant Heritage Week. Mano a Mano also offers programs in Mexican and Mexican- American music, dance, visual, verbal, and culinary arts to schools and community groups and focuses on professional development for Mexican immigrant artists.


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