Multicultural Music Group

Arts Recipients - 2008


The Multicultural Music Group (MMG) is dedicated to performance, instruction and professional development in multicultural music as a tool to promote global understanding, cultural awareness, and academic achievement. MMG’s presentations and trainings provide students, teachers, parents and audiences the opportunity to experience artistic growth and cultural awareness by acquiring knowledge and skills that contribute to a more harmonious society and a better lifelong enjoyment of music.

MMG offers programs in Bronx, Washington Heights and East Harlem schools where music classes either never existed or were eliminated from the curriculum. The "Symphonic Youth Program" provides in-service professional development to teachers, direct student instruction in instrumental music, and integration of the arts with the core curriculum subjects. "The MMG Orchestra," a professional component, presents new symphonic works and community dialogues in annual multicultural music encounters based on current and historical events from different cultures around the world.


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