Renaissance E.M.S.

Arts Recipients - 2008

Renaissance E.M.S. is a Bronx-based community center that offers music and other programs to help young people maximize their potential and become educated, productive, and responsible adults who can positively contribute to their families and communities. Renaissance programs focus on developing artistic and athletic interests as well as fostering the importance of self empowerment, education, character, family and community.

Music programs for youth ages 7 to 19 years old offer instrumental and vocal training, individual and group performance skills, and music production/engineering instruction. Each participant selects his or her instrument of choice, takes classes in music notation, song writing, music history, and performance basics, and performs in group recitals at venues across the city. Renaissance also coordinates a weekly, “Music on Wheels,” program that fills the void of music classes in several public schools, and on Saturdays, the community center provides additional programs for children and adults.


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