ImageNation Cinema Foundation (ImageNation)

Arts Recipients - 2006 

Imagenation works in the African American community to develop a new generation of filmmakers, a media literate audience, and new venues for screening independently produced films. It believes that media can influence self-perceptions and change communities. Through workshops, film screenings and presentations, Imagenation exposes young people to media literacy education and independently produced films by African American filmmakers. During the summer, Imagenation holds an annual open-air film series in Harlem that showcases independent films from and about the African Diaspora - films not in mainstream distribution and exhibition venues- and brings them to communities who might not otherwise have access to them.

Imagenation is working to open Soul Cinema, the first nonprofit movie theater in Harlem dedicated to cinema from the African Diaspora that will screen independently produced films, host discussions between area residents and social service organizations, and provide training to young people.

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