Mariachi Academy of New York (MANY)

Arts Recipients - 2006

The Mariachi Academy of New York is the first school in the East Coast dedicated to educating young girls and boys in the musical tradition of Mexico. It is devoted to preserving the rich heritage of mariachi and developing skills in musical training, discipline, creativity and self-esteem while strengthening language, team working skills and a sense of identity.

MANY encourages participants to succeed musically, academically and personally. It provides young people, ages 8 to 17, with the opportunity to learn to play an instrument, sing classic rancheras and develop a strong sense of identity and community pride in a bilingual environment. Each student studies one instrument – the violin, trumpet, guitar or vihuela - and takes a class in vocal instruction. In monthly group sessions, students learn to play as an ensemble. Family participation is central, and a parents committee advises and helps with the program’s activities.

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