New York Writer’s Coalition (NYWC)

Arts Recipients - 2006

The New York Writers’ Coalition provides writing workshops for youth and adults “historically deprived of voice in our society so that they may discover the value of their stories, gain confidence and a stronger sense of self and become less isolated.” NYWC’s goal is “to create an inclusive city, one that is aware of the diversity of voices within it and honors the lives of all its citizens.” NYWC runs free creative writing programs at community organizations, after-school programs, homeless shelters, senior citizen centers, hospitals and other locations.

With the premise that “everyone is a writer, regardless of prior writing experience and formal education,” NYWC participants strengthen their individual voices and reinforce their writing in an environment that allows participants to overcome their vulnerability by encouraging experimentation with content, form and style. Throughout the year, NYWC holds readings and publishes writing by workshop members.

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