viBe Theater Experience (viBe)

Arts Recipients - 2006


The Vibe Theater Experience is a performing arts education organization “for young women to share their stories and use their voices to build and transform themselves and their communities.” They create, rehearse, design, publish and perform collaborative theater pieces.

Vibe’s core program, “VibeStages,” offers theater arts in the summer, fall and spring. It builds creative literacy skills that challenge teen girls to self-reflect and develop a creative voice while encouraging trust, self-confidence and mutual respect. After school and on weekends for ten weeks, young women, ages 14 to 19, are introduced to writing, acting, dancing, and singing, and songwriting. Guest artists run workshops in song writing, movement, and poetry, and community partners run workshops on sex education, nutrition and self-defense. The teens create stories, monologues, scenes, dances and songs, which they perform at professional theaters to friends, family and community members.

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