Asian American Writers Workshop (The Workshop)

Arts Recipients - 2006


The Asian American Writers’ Workshop is dedicated to creating, publishing, developing and disseminating creative writing by Asian Americans. Since 1996, the organization has offered arts programs for young people in New York City.

The Workshop offers classes, public readings, book signings and other events for writers from its space in midtown Manhattan. It connects young people to literature through traditional writing workshops and innovative multimedia projects that provide writing skills and an understanding of the importance of their voices. The main program, “Where I’m Calling From: Youth @ Home,” runs twice a year, each time for ten weeks. The free program for 13 to 17 years olds aims to show young people the ways in which art, interpersonal relationships and critical thinking are useful to their lives and personal development. The Workshop actively works with families, many who do not have English fluency or do not fully understand arts programming.

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