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Chica Luna Productions

Arts Recipients - 2006

Chica Luna is a multimedia organization dedicated to training young women of color in all aspects of video production and distribution. Recognizing that media images wield tremendous power in shaping beliefs and behaviors, the organization aims to increase the number of women of color film makers who can portray their personal and community stories.

Founded in 2001, Chica Luna opened a space in East Harlem in 2004 to train young women media artists and writers. Chica Luna exists to create mass media that does not replicate prevailing stereotypes. The main program called the “F-Word” (F for female) trains young women of color, ages 16 to 25, in the art of filmmaking. The year-long course teaches media literacy, provides technical skills and hands-on experience in all aspects of production and distribution. Each participant also writes a short screenplay that is produced by the group on digital video later in the year.

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